Our Great Legendaries

Earliest Community Martyr

Late Sh Pushkar Nath Zadoo

From The Extraordinary Zadoo Family


The earliest community martyrs are Pushker Zadoo and Som Nath Bira. Both lost their lives fighting the Pakistani raiders in the 1947 Kashmir War. Pushker Zadoo sacrificed his life fighting the invaders on the Titwal Front in July 1948 at the young age of 18. Som Nath Bira laid down his life some where near Doda. He was a young man aged 23. Pushker Zadoo belonged to the illustrious Zadoo family that has produced a galaxy of scholars, scientist- engineers and educationists. The patriarch Pandit Keshav Bhat Zadoo was the legendary Sanskrit scholar and Court Pandit during Maharaja Ranbir Singh's time and the proud owner of the unique birchbark Sarafa manuscript of the Paipallada Shakha of the Atherva Veda. It was the only copy of its version in the whole world and later acquired by the German Indologist Rudolph Von Roth in 1875. . Incidentally Jaggadhar was son in law of the legendary Mahamohupadhyaya Mukund Ram Shastri. Another son of the Zadoo family Vasu Dev Zadoo was the first ever KP to go to America in 1927. There he studied Sanitation Engineering at the famous Harvard University. He returned to India in 1933 after stints of studentship in England , France and Germany. Back in India he rose to the position of Chief Engineer in Jammu & Kashmir. Vasu Dev also served as Chairman of AMIE, J&K Chapter. Pushker Zadoo was son ofVasu Dev Zadoo. Not only did the Zadoos produced eminent scholars, educationists and engineer scientist but the family gave two more of its sons to serve the country. These were Jaggadhar Zadoo's two sons Kanti Chander Zadoo and Dina Nath Zadoo. Both served the INA under the inspiring leadership of Subhash Chander Bose. Kanti Chander served as Personal Secretary to Neta ji Bose and reportedly died in the same plane crash in 1945 that consumed the lives of both during a flight from Malaysia to Japan. The elder brother Dina Nath Zadoo served as a Major in the combat wing of the INA and fought against the Allies in Malaysia. Kanti Chander and Dina Nath were sons of Jaggadhar Zadoo. Thus this illustrios Zadoo family gave three of its sons in the service of the nation while two of them attained martyrdom fighting for the nation and its struggle for independence. Jaggadhar Zadoo lived at Nai Sarak while his younger brother Vasu Dev resided at Exchange Road in Srinagar. Perhaps it may not be out of place to state that this Zadoo family has the unique distinction of producing pioneers of KP history in several fields across, literature, education, scholarship, martyrdom for the country, contribution to science like no other in Kashmir's modern history. It is therefore all the more incumbent on the community to explore and find more details of the extraordinary achievements of this outstanding family- Zadoos